UK fashion trends for men 2021

Since spring and summer are coming in close, it’s extremely important to study the fashion trends for men and see what’s interesting to wear at this time. The exciting thing regarding UK fashion trends this year is that they tend to cover a vast range of ideas, while still making it easy for men to express themselves. With that in mind, here are some trends you may want to follow this year.

Nautical style

Even if it might be a microtrend, the nautical style continues to stand out because it’s refreshing, easy to wear and also very fun. Plus, the colours are not overly bright, and it’s easier to blend in. You also get to stay away from massive sunlight, which is always a good thing to have. 

New utility

Men always like to wear something utilitarian, so this is right up their alley. Military-inspired designs, safari-like looks as well as field jackets, all tend to be very popular for UK men this year. It’s an interesting trend that will surely catch on, as most fashion brands are already covering it very well.

Vest under suits

Wearing a vest under your suit seems to be quite an interesting idea and it will definitely catch on this year. It reminds us of the early 80s, with unique designs and interesting colour combinations. The great thing here is that you get to express yourself and use all kinds of colours for a truly unique look.

Floral patterns

This year seems to have an earthy tone to it when it comes to fashion. So, it’s easy to understand that floral patterns are becoming very popular. Everything goes here, you can have a simple floral pattern on a shirt or a full pattern on your pants. Bold, bright colours seem to go well with this trend as well.

Pastel splashes

 ARETE pastel colors

Having a good colour combination is always exciting, and this year pastel splashes really take the experience to the next level. You can have a simple shirt and then use pastel colours in combination with it. The results can be staggering, and you will be impressed with the results.

Neon colouring

Let’s face it, wearing neon clothing is a great way to stand out anywhere you go. On top of that, it’s a wonderful self-expression form, while also making it easy to establish a unique look. Needless to say, many fashion houses are following this trend, and it’s nothing short of staggering.

70s redux

From simple sweatshirts to camel leather bombers or safari suits, everything goes here. It’s a great way for men to showcase their style, while also bringing some cool fashion ideas back into the forefront. The 70s redux trend is also great for those that want to retain their own style and really push the overall appeal to the next level.

Statement shirts

Another interesting trend we will see this year comes in the form of statement shirts. There are plenty of men that just got tired of wearing the same old shirt style. These statement shirts are a great option because they are creative and fun to wear. They can be cut into different shapes; some even use the origami style. Not only that, but they can also have multiple colours, so the possibilities are indeed limitless.


There’s no shortage of UK fashion trends for men this year. That’s great, because you get to find ways to stay up to date with the latest fashion ideas, while still establishing a unique look. You can try out all the options listed above and pick which one works for you. In the end, you will be incredibly impressed with the unique features and ideas.

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