Slim fit meaning?

Slim fit t-shirts for men are a great addition to a man’s wardrobe depending on their body shape and fashion style, but what does slim fit actually mean? 

A slim fitting t-shirt does not mean that the t-shirt is smaller or restrictive. The arms, waist and chest are narrower and have a tighter fit, whilst the t-shirt will still provide the length it should just as a regular fitted t-shirt. At ARETE, all of our t-shirts are slim fitting for men meaning that they tend to look better on those with a slimmer physique compared to your regular fitted t-shirt.


Can I wear a slim fit t-shirt if I am not slim?

This type of t-shirt is for people that want their clothing to be tighter than a regular t-shirt whilst not being too tight like a fitted t-shirt. This type of fit allows the wearer to show the shape of their body more with their appearance, whilst still not being too fitted and allowing the wearer more freedom of movement compared to a fitted t-shirt.

An issue people can have with slim fitting clothing is the fact that they usually do not have any stretch to the material. This can mean that you would have to be slim to wear them otherwise they could be too tight, too loose or even both in different places.

Slim fit t-shirt ARETE mens clothing

However, ARETE’s t-shirts are made with a small percentage of elastane. This helps solve the problem just mentioned previously as the clothing has a little more give in them, compared to your usually slim fitted t-shirt. An example of how this can be helpful would be if you had a muscular physique, ARETE’s t-shirts would still be suitable for your body. This is a direct result of the material being able to expand more to fit those more muscular parts of the body, as seen in the image above.

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